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Alarms/Batteries/C Duracell Batteries 10pk

C Duracell Batteries 10pk

These high-quality Industrial by Duracell C batteries are a trusted name in both industrial and business verticals. They are an economical choice for anyone that consumes C cells on a regular basis. Previously marketed as Duracell Procell, these are the same reliable, long lasting batteries that commercial and industrial users have come to trust, with a new look.

Suitable for high demand commercial devices such as high drain torches, radio transmitters and remote controls, these high-quality industrial alkaline batteries will last up to 10 times longer than standard alkalines and have a shelf life of up to 7 years. That means you can stock up with confidence that they’ll deliver power after being stored.

These single-use C batteries are packed in boxes of 10, saving you pounds in packaging costs over carded batteries and reducing waste disposal costs. If you replace your C batteries often, consider moving up to this economical, environmentally-friendly alternative in long-lasting portable power.

Duracell Part No: ID1400 10BP
Item Weight: 714g
EAN Barcode: 5000394082892

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