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D Duracell Batteries 10pk

Businesses have long known about Duracell’s high-quality industrial alkaline batteries, formerly known as Procell. These long-lasting Industrial by Duracell D batteries are the same long-lasting batteries, in a bright, new case.

With a higher charge density than standard batteries, these industrial grade cells can outlast standard alkalines buy as many as 10 times. What’s more, there’s no need to worry about long storage times, since the low self-discharge characteristics of these batteries means you can leave them on the shelf for up to 7 years and still count on reliable output. If you use D batteries for your manufacturing and services, these are a sound choice for your business. Applications include, powering high drain torches, measuring instruments and safety equipment, such as gas detectors.

Bulk packaging in cardboard boxes of 10 saves you money initially, again during storage and furthermore, the minimal cardboard packaging reduces waste disposal costs.

Item Weight: 1.391kg
EAN Barcode: 5000394082977

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