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Alarms/Batteries/AAA Duracell Batteries 10pk

AAA Duracell Batteries 10pk

Duracell is a household name in portable power and also trusted brand for commercial and industrial users, too. These Industrial by Duracell AAA alkaline cells are the same high-performance batteries that professionals have known for years as Procell, with a new name and look.

Commenly used by industry to power telemeters, measuring instruments and medical devices such as blood pressure monitors and infusion pumps, these batteries have been proven to outlast standard consumer cells by as much as 10 times. They also have an extremely low tendency to self-discharge, so they’re ready to provide power even after 7 years of storage in the warehouse.

Since Duracell packages these quality AAA batteries in recyclable boxes of 10, you save money over the price of similar, carded batteries; and less packaging means less impact on the planet, too. Saving money and saving the planet while investing in reliable, long-lasting portable power is what these batteries are about. A great choice for your business.

Duracell Part No: ID2400 10BP
Item Weight: 120g
EAN Barcode: 5054242181541

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