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Alarms/Batteries/AA Duracell Batteries 10pk

AA Duracell Batteries 10pk

From one of the most trusted names in batteries, these high-quality industrial by Duracell alkaline batteries are manufactured to the highest of standards, with the needs of the professional industrial customer in mind. Formerly known as Procell, these Industrial by Duracell batteries last up to 10 times longer than standard alkaline AA cells.

These single-use batteries are a good choice for a wide range of general applications, including  torches, medical testing and monitoring equipment and are also popular with hotels and the emergency services where battery use is high. With a shelf life of up to 7 years, these can be purchased in quantity and stored until needed. Because they are packed in quantities of 10, excess packaging costs have been eliminated, reducing the per-cell cost to your business. This bulk packaging also reduces waste and provides you with a recyclable container.

For businesses that use considerable numbers of AA batteries everyday, Industrial by Duracell is an economical and ecologically sound way to stock up on dependable, long-lasting power.

Duracell Part No: ID1500 10BP
Item Weight: 255g
EAN Barcode: 5000394079779

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