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Alarms/Batteries/9V PP3 Duracell Batteries 10pk

9V PP3 Duracell Batteries 10pk

Commercial institutions, fire departments, schools and other professional groups have known the Industrial by Duracell line of batteries as a reliable source of portable power for many years. These 9V PP3 alkaline batteries are part of that line, formerly known as Procell and recently re-branded.

One of the chief advantages of these 9V batteries is an energy density that allows them to provide power for up to 10 times longer than conventional alkaline cells. If that wasn’t enough, they’re also much less likely to self discharge, letting you store them for up to 7 years and still count on ready and reliable power when you need them. These single-use batteries are a great choice for all your handheld equipment, RF controllers, flashlights, medical devices, and other devices that need long-lasting 9V power.

In terms of economics, these are also an excellent choice, since they’re packed in simple cardboard cartons of 10 cells. That means a lower manufacturing cost for Duracell and that savings is passed on to you. Finally, these are an ecologically sound choice, since there’s no plastic waste, just a recyclable carton saving you money when it comes to disposal.

Duracell Part No: ID1604 10BP
Item Weight: 477g
EAN Barcode: 5000394082991

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