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Cables & Power/Networking/PoE Injector Plug

PoE Injector Plug

A simple yet ingenious way of injecting power onto a single RJ45 cable. Ideal for powering a single camera or similar equipment "upstream".

Supplies 48V at 0.5A max.

Features include:

  • Power supply has input over voltage, output over-voltage, over-current per output and short circuit protection
  • System reliability: MTBF 100k hours.
  • Conducted interference (CE) and radiation interference (RE), in line with EN60950, FCC standards.
  • Lightning Features: AC input, can withstand 5KV, at 20uS the impact of the current waveform, plus or minus 5 times, at intervals of one minute.
  • Power lightning protection circuit has a security component failure alarm function and fuse

Sorry this item is no longer available