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IR Illuminator

Night time illuminator for use with IR sensitive cameras.

Switches on automatically at night fall to provide additional illumination in dark environments.

The 96 LED Night Vision IR Infrared Illuminator is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The illuminator lights up nearly any room indoors and up to 250 feet outdoors. 


  •  Night vision 96 LEDs IR Infrared Illuminator lamp
  •  Greatly improve the performance of weak camera illuminators helping to produce better night time images
  •  Long distance of up to 80m (262 feet) 
  •  High quality aluminum and reinforced glass construction
  •  Wave length: 850nM
  •  Built-in: Daylight sensor
  •  Output Power: 24W
  •  Structure: White aluminum housing and reinforced glass
  •  Power: DC 12V 2A

Item Weight: 529g

Sorry this item is no longer available