Scantronic/External Wired Siren in Red

External Wired Siren in Red

Sounder external wired G2 red lens no cover for intruder devices.

  • External sounders act as front-line deterrents against the threat of intrusion whether located on a semi-detached house or large warehouse
  • The 100dB sound output alerts both the occupier and any neighbours to alarm activity at the property
  • Self-supporting lid, revolving fixing holes and inbuilt spirit level minimise the time spent at the top of a ladder, and Installer maintenance mode prevents the sounder and strobe from activating when the lid is opened to reduce the risk of falling
  • Eaton’s external sounders have a selectable cut-off timer up to a maximum of 20 minutes in line with UK legislation and choice of siren tones
  • Both lid and rear tamper detection built-in ensuring maximum security so any attempt to disrupt the system will result in the alarm being triggered and the occupiers being alerted to the threat of sabotage
  • A printing service for installer logos is available free of charge to collect from your local distribution branch 12 working days after approval of your artwork, provided that a minimum order quantity of 40 is met

Eaton Part No: SDR-WEXT-G2-RD-NC

£ 63.71 incl VAT   

QuickCode: 1467


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