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Lens vs Viewing Angle

Cameras come with many lens options and choosing the correct one for your application can be critical.

The larger the lens in mm, the less field of view (or more zoomed) the picture will look. As a guide, the human eye has a field of view similar to about a 3mm camera lens.

1.2mm lens = 185 degrees
1.7mm lens = 170 degrees
2.1mm lens = 158 degrees
2.5mm lens = 147 degrees
2.8mm lens = 130 degrees - Zoom often 2.8-12
3.0mm lens = 127 degrees
3.6mm lens = 92 degrees - Common
4.0mm lens = 88 degrees - Common
6.0mm lens = 78 degrees
8.0mm lens = 58 degrees
12 mm lens = 28 degrees - Common
16 mm lens = 19 degrees
25 mm lens = 13 degrees
50 mm lens = 8 degrees

DVR / NVR Recording Space

Our space calculator will give you an indication of how many days recording space you can expect to achieve given various options.

Just select the number of cameras you have, the resolution and frame rate etc., and it will tell you how many days of storage you have. The calculation is approximate but gives a ball park figure for storage needs.

Resolution (MP)
Frame Rate (fps))
Hours Per Day
Drive Size (TB)
Number of days