Monitoring is Expensive Right?

Monitored alarms are costly right?

Well, not if you monitor it yourself. The cost is with a third party who would only contact you (or nominated person) anyway - so install a smart alarm and reap the same benefits without the cost!

As long as the alarm contacts a person when the alarm is triggered - many insurance companies consider that to be "monitored". You'll probably get a slight discount but its not going to be much. 

The main benefit is you are contacted as quickly as possible. You can then make the best decision on what to do, be that contact a neighbour, a friend or someone else close that can safely check the situation.

Just don't be suckered into paying hundreds of pounds a year for a service when your system could simply call you anyway. A lot of monitoring services mention they are on a "best efforts" basis. This simply means if they are busy, the call centre is understaffed or they perceive the activation to be a false alarm - you won't get called anyway. 

Still seem worth £250 odd a year?


Figure 1


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