British Summer Time

Summer Time Is Here Again

Its that time of year when you need to check the time on your DVR or NVR and check everything is working correctly.

Automatic time adjustment can be set to take account for the hour shift in spring - then back again in October.

Many systems can simply be set to "Auto DST Adjustment" and time adjustments will happen at 1-2am on the last Sunday in March and October. But if you're having trouble you can set up the network time protocol (NTP) settings to make sure this happens correctly.

In your system settings, under General, there should be a section for time and date adjustment.

  1. Adjust the Timezone
  2. Time and Date format
  3. Time and Date values

Then click "Apply".

If the timezone is incorrect you will end up with weird times when the system automatically adjusts and throws it back out of sync.

Time Setting


Next ensure the DST (Daylight saving time) options are correct. These should automatically fill with the correct details according to your timezone. But you can always uncheck the box and enter you're own if you have specific needs.

DST Settings


Lastly you can set the NTP (network time protocol) settings to automatically trim the time and stop it drifting off. 

There are many NTP servers to use but "" or "" are good choices.

NTP Settings


You're all done!  The time will automatically stay correct and next time you need a switch from DST or BST, it will happen automatically.



Figure 1


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