Combating Keyless Car Crime

What Is Keyless Theft?

A day doesn't go by without hearing about a car being stolen off someone's drive. But how do they actually do it?

Most people are now clued up and realize that many new cars have very smart but not very secure entry systems. Many work on proximity so that when you approach the car it automatically unlocks for you. A great feature for the owner but not so great if you happen to be a thief about to steal it. 

The trick that thieves employ is to use a relay device between the key and car. This makes the car think the key is a lot closer than it really is and triggers the car to unlock. You would think obtaining such devices would be difficult but unfortunately they can be purchased quite cheaply from lets say "overseas websites". 

Keyless Entry

What Can I Do?

So the question everybody asks is how can I protect myself and not become another statistic? 

Manufacturers are getting wise to this and some made provision for keyless entry to be turned off. Sometimes this is a double-press on the key or a series of key combinations to deactivate the key - making it impossible for interception to take place. 

The best place to start is your manual or give the dealership a call. Then its a simple matter of disabling the key when you don't need the keyless function.

Another way to combat the problem is to keep your keys in a box or other Faraday device that prevents the signal being sent and received. Pouches are quite cheap now and combined with good practices like taking your keys to bed - you'll be increasing the distance between keys and car - making it more difficult to intercept.

Physical devices such as KrookLocks are coming back into fashion as they are moderately hard to defeat and take too long for criminals to be bothered with. Criminals are more likely to leave a trail of forensic evidence if they have to struggle getting something off the steering wheel.

Any Other Steps

Apart from taking better care of you keys by protecting them from interception you can also check regularly to see if there have been software updates. Updates to the keys and car itself can help to protect against third party man in the middle attacks. 

If you are still concerned about keyless access speak to your dealer to see if the function can be permanantly disabled.



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