New Yale SR Features

Anyone who has a Yale SR Series alarm might have noticed the icon has changed in the last few days. 

It's all down to a recent update as of 5th October 2018 which brings some great new features to the app:-

  1. Anybody with Philips Hue smart lighting can now link their alarm to their lights. When your alarm is armed the lights fade from green to red, from red to green on a disarm and if triggered your lights will pulse red. Lets just say a burglar would know they'd triggered your alarm!
  2. There are two new features under Alarm/Settings/Siren Settings, to allow Entry/Exit confirmation with a been from the siren. Also the ability to disable the siren tamper - so you don't get deafened when you change batteries
  3. Separate Entry and Exit volume levels are now available under Fully Armed and Part Armed settings.
  4. Tell the app where you live and it automatically pops up a shortcut at the top of your phone screen when you approach home. This makes it more convenient to disarm your alarm - no need to try and find the shortcut when its buried deep in your phone somewhere.

Some other features like Add Device and Walk Test have been moved around in the menus so they are more convenient. You can now add a new device from the top level menu while Walk Test is conveniently placed under Alarm Settings.

As far as we can see, this new version has no draw backs so far - nothing that was pre-existing has broken and all seems to work quite well


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Figure 2


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